Habit change is difficult for everyone because of how our brains are wired. It’s not our fault. Coaching works with that reality, not against it. It does take time, but time is what our brains need to create new, healthier habits to replace the old ones.

I serve my clients with a deep belief in the power to create lasting change in our lives. In a partnership built on trust, confidentiality, possibility and positivity, you (the expert on your life) and I (an expert on behavior change) will work together over several months to discover your unique path to becoming your healthiest self.

Coaching helps you find motivation. First, you create a personal vision of ideal health. Then we explore why your health is important to you. What personal values does your vision support? Maybe it’s to be an active, contributing family member. Maybe your career depends on it. Maybe you want to live long enough to enjoy your grandchildren. Or a hundred other reasons.

Assessing all areas of your current health helps you decide where to focus your efforts. Identifying successes and strengths in one area can encourage and support new, healthier habits in another.

You set goals, then break them into manageable steps that keep the task from being overwhelming. Anticipating, planning, and overcoming barriers to success keep daily life from derailing the best of intentions. Accountability helps you stay on track. Because the vision, values, goals and action steps are your own, the changes you make are meaningful. Meaningful changes stick.

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